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Travel Restrictions on James Canyon Drive Lifted

Boulder County, Colo. – Restrictions on non-residential travel on James Canyon Drive have been lifted as there are no flood recovery-related infrastructure projects currently being undertaken in the area. All modes of travel are now free to use the road between Lefthand Canyon Drive and CO Hwy 72. Travel restrictions have been in place since the September 2013 flood event that destroyed large portions of the roadway to allow for reconstruction efforts.

“I’d personally like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding over the past 18-months while we worked diligently to get our community and its infrastructure up and running following the flood,” said Jamestown Mayor Tara Schoedinger. “Your assistance complying with the restrictions has helped keep our reconstruction efforts on track and has helped ensure the safety of everyone who relies on this road each day. I cannot thank you enough, and I cannot wait to see people visit the Town and the Jamestown Mercantile once again.”

Roadway conditions are still less than ideal in James Canyon. Shoulders are missing in many areas and the roadway can narrow suddenly, which forces cyclists to ride in the travel lane with motor vehicles in stretches. Please use caution when navigating the area and be aware of road conditions and fellow travelers.

Additional large-scale flood-recovery work is planned for the area this summer. Boulder County Transportation, the Town of Jamestown, and contractors may re-institute travel restrictions if the roadway becomes unsafe for general motorists and cyclists due to heavy construction activities.

Boulder County Transportation is currently working on refined plans for permanent reconstruction of James Canyon Drive and estimates that it will bring drawings to the public for review and comment later this summer. Permanent reconstruction is anticipated to begin in early 2016 and will likely last through most of the year.

For more information on the permanent reconstruction project, contact Andrew Barth, Transportation Department communications specialist, at or call 303-441-1032. For more information on work taking place in and around Jamestown and how you can assist with their flood recovery efforts, visit their website, or call 303-449-1806.

All current Boulder County Transportation roadway project information, including regular maintenance and flood-recovery activity, can be found at

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