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We Outreach. Study. Build.

Through outreach to the towns of Boulder County, Coalition for Cyclists works to connect our communities. We believe well-planned and supported infrastructure means safer transportation for all user groups. Our past and future projects directly impact Boulder County’s Transportation Master Plan and protect our unique way of life.

Louisville & Lafayette Separated Bikeway

C4C contributed a local match for a federal grant to fund the 2025 feasibility study for a separated multi-use path between Boulder and Louisville/Lafayette.

Construction of the Jay Road Segment of the LoBo Trail

C4C committed funds to the local match of a grant application for future funding of LoBo Trail construction.

Separated Bikeway between Boulder and Lyons

A professional engineering feasibility study, partially funded by C4C, is due in 2024; a critical step in fixing one of Colorado’s most dangerous roads for cyclists.

Porta-Potty Outreach

C4C funds porta-potties across rural Boulder County, providing basic facilities that remove cost burdens from small towns and independent businesses, which improves relationships between locals, drivers, and cyclists.

The Boulder County Cycling Community

C4C communicates with around 80 clubs, retailers, and industry organizations in Boulder County, building a coalition of citizens deeply invested in the future of transportation and recreation.

Boulder County Ballot Measure 1C

C4C successfully supported the passage of this 2022 ballot measure by 81%, an overwhelming approval of funds for the “baseline” county transportation projects which benefit everyone, not just cyclists.

Championing Signage Standards

We do ongoing work to influence Boulder County’s road signage standards and updates, which inform both drivers and cyclists about road use and reduce user conflict. An example includes signs that say “Do Not Pass Bikes in Curves”.

SHIFT Driving

C4C supported the 2023 roll-out of a brand new online driving education course focused on filling the gaps in existing driving education, reaching a vulnerable driving population, and reducing user conflict on the road.

Bicycle Friendly Driver Classes

C4C contributed funds to the matching component of a grant totaling $100,000 to administer classroom-based bicycle friendly driver classes; this program reached 700+ mostly commercial drivers in Boulder County.

Video Production with It Could Be Me

C4C contributed funding in 2018 to the shared cost of the production of “One Road,” a share-able public service announcement reminding people in positive terms that we all share the road.

Variable Message Boards

C4C donated funding in 2017 to Boulder County for the purchase of a variable message board, now dedicated to cycling and DUI related messages from April to November during daylight hours.

Cold Springs Fire Relief

C4C contributed funds in 2016 to help families coping with recovery from the wildfires that consumed areas near Nederland in 2016.

BVSD Trip Tracker

C4C contributed funds in 2015 to support the Boulder Valley School District’s Trip Tracker program, which provides incentives to kids to get to school by bike, bus, or foot.

Lyons Community Foundation

On the one year anniversary of the floods in 2014, C4C organized and put on a festival and fundraiser in Lyons, Colorado which raised more than $40,000 to support flood victims.

Rebuild Jamestown

Following the floods of 2013, Cyclists 4 Community (prior to its official founding) rallied the cycling community and put together a fundraiser just three weeks following the flood, which raised more than $120,000 to help the town recover. Cyclists 4 Community was born.