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Thanks to the partnering between the City of Boulder and Boulder County, the C4C variable message board got a great, high value, and high visibility location on North Broadway on City property just before cyclists and motorists leave Boulder heading north on North Foothills Highway.

The approximately $17,000 VMB is a product of the partnership between C4C and Boulder County with the County administering and operating the sign and C4C funding its acquisition.

Intended to be stationed by the County along North Foothills Highway this past summer, the VMB got tied up in restrictions around the bridge construction on North Foothills Highway.  Nobody’s fault, the best the County and C4C could do was to persist while at the same time the County’s staff was transitioning too.

Thanks to the City and the County, the VMB has a great location for at least a period of time between now and April of 2019 when the VMB is intended to be dedicated to cycling related messages through November 2019 and when CDOT (the State of Colorado) should negotiate a permit to the County for placing the VMB on North Foothills Highway, a State operated highway.

Current displayed langauge, “WATCH 4 BIKES | BIKES ON ROAD ALL YEAR” (does not display correctly in photographs).