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One of the principles that runs in the background of all of C4C’s advocacy is the idea of shared standards and best practices.  An example of this is CDOT removing yellow and black “advisory” signs regarding bicycling.  Then replacing those signs with black and white ones that communicate law regarding shared use of the roads.

This is a great instance of a shared standard and best practices.  C4C is incrementally working on employing this standard with its partners around Boulder.

It’s also a standard that a group of bicyclists and their allies took upon themselves in Larimer County with resounding success.  Click here and see the April 28th, 2021 Instagram post showing signage changes in Larimer County.  C4C applauds this work.

But life can’t be serious work all the time so remember, the next several weeks are a spectacular time around Boulder.  Get out and ride!

C4C staff ride pick: Ride to Babette’s via the Boulder Roubaix course and Lagerman Reservoir, have a snack, and …


ride back via the LoBo trail with spring snow blanketing the Indian Peaks!