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Boulder, Colorado, July 7th, 2017

Pedaling Minds and BVSD Want Your Kids—to Learn About Bike Safety! Cyclists 4 Community to Hold a Kids’ Bike Safety Event and Bike Education Fundraiser at Full Cycle July 27th 5pm to 9pm

Presented by Cyclists 4 Community. Sponsored by Wolfe Chiropractic to benefit bike safety education for children in Boulder via Pedaling Minds and Boulder Valley School District’s Bike Education Program.

Full Cycle’s new Tap Room will be hosting a fundraising event featuring presentations by Mike Friedman of Pedaling Minds, Geoffrey Weathers of Boulder Valley School District, and Rob Andrew of Cyclists 4 Community, plus to be determined special guests. The event will be open to the public for admission of $25 per adult and $10 per child ($5 more the day of the event) and includes 2 beverages and unlimited food.

Mike Friedman, founder of Pedaling Minds will be at Full Cycle starting at 5pm to conduct a fun bicycle safety event for kids. The event will feature skills and drills to help children learn to navigate their bikes more effectively, and more safely. It will also help them learn valuable skills on their bicycles that will last long into adulthood.

Pedaling Minds

Professional cyclist Mike Friedman had been riding and racing bikes for 20 years before he realized there was one aspect of the sport he knew nothing about: teaching others how to do it. Since 2015, his Pedaling Minds has served nearly 250 kids in the Boulder Valley School District, teaching them how to ride, become safer riders, and learn basic bike mechanics.

Pedaling Minds is a unique and revolutionary program in which kids are taught a number of life skills through their application to the bicycle.  Friedman is an extremely motivational and positive teacher who is passionate about teaching children how and why their bicycle works in a fun and interactive way.  Not only does the program teach practical skills such as changing a flat tire, road safety, and etiquette, but it also inspires kids to learn advanced science and engineering concepts at a very young age.

“Bikes are the perfect tool for teaching an array of educational concepts because they allow kids to pair learning with something fun and stress-free,” says Friedman. Pedaling Minds’ program consists of Bicycle Skills & Drills, and The Science of the Bicycle, both of which focus on problem solving, confidence-building, and perseverance.

The way Friedman sees it, Pedaling Minds uses bikes to engage kids’ curious minds and restless bodies, and the lessons they learn are plentiful and diverse. “Every time we set off on a ride, adventure awaits,” he says. He should know—the bike was his favorite teacher, too. Friedman adds, “Many adults remember trying to learn how to ride…that’s how powerful this time is…the impact I see teaching people using bicycles is profound.”

BVSD Bike Education Program

The Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) provides bicycling education through its BVSD Bike Ed program. Since 2009, BVSD Bike Ed has reached more than 4,000 elementary and middle school students in 16 schools around our district with on-bike, real world bicycle training aimed to increase the rate of cycling, promote health, and cultivate life-long cyclists. Beginning fall of 2017, the program will bring bike education to four schools as part of a five-year Nature Kids grant in partnership with the City of Lafayette.

Bike Ed delivers practical vehicular cycling trainings to students, staff and parents around the school district. Certified bicycle education instructors lead classes, seminars, and rides both in and out of school. It blends education and advocacy with an aim of getting more students, staff and families on bikes more often. BVSD’s mission is to support and promote a bicycle friendly culture in the BVSD through encouragement, empowerment, and fun. By making its programs scalable and easy to replicate, Bike Ed endeavors to create a coalition of bicycle education in districts across the state and nation.

Geoffrey Weathers, Program Coordinator at BVSD Bike Ed says, “The goal of BVSD Bike Ed is to encourage cycling through empowerment and fun. We are thrilled to be teamed with Pedaling Minds and Cyclists 4 Community on this fundraiser. This support ensures equity in our programming and enables us to provide equipment and a level playing field to all of our students.”

“Improving bike safety in Boulder County starts with teaching kids how to ride safely on our city streets and county roads. Pedaling Minds and BVSD Bike Ed are both focused on these goals,” adds Rob Andrew, President and co-founder of Cyclists 4 Community. “Helping these groups fits right within our mission.”

Event Details

All proceeds go to Pedaling Minds and BVSD Bike Education.

This event is presented by Cyclists 4 Community, and sponsored by Wolfe Chiropractic to benefit bike safety education of kiddos in Boulder via Pedaling Minds and Boulder Valley School District(BVSD)

When: Thursday, July 27th, 5pm to 9pm

Where: Full Cycle Tap Room, 1795 Pearl Street, Boulder (18th and Pearl)

Cost: $25 Ticket (Kids $10) in Advance. Includes food and 2 beverages. Ticket Purchase Link.

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About Cyclists 4 Community

Cyclists 4 Community (C4C) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit grassroots organization focused on cyclists giving back to the communities in which they ride. Since coming together after the 2013 floods, Cyclists 4 Community (C4C) has raised over $250,000 to support local charities and communities, with a goal of keeping a strong bond between the cyclists who use the paths, trails, and roads in these towns and the people who live there, so that we can share continued mutual respect. In May of 2017, C4C raised more than $50,000 at its first annual Crank It Forward event. These funds are being used to pay for improved signage, as well as cyclist and driver education programs in Boulder County.