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Thanks to its supporters and donors, C4C agreed to donate $20,000 to Boulder County in 2018 which qualified Boulder County for an additional and matching $80,000 in funds from the Regional Air Quality Control program.  In partnership with Boulder County and Bicycle Colorado, classroom based Bicycle Friendly Drivers courses were paid for by these funds and administered by Bicycle Colorado staff in Boulder County throughout 2019.

Below is a preliminary report of the use of those funds.

Please note, upon final agreement, any balance of funds will be proportionately returned.  Or, C4C may negotiate the re-allocation of its funds depending on circumstances and board approval.

Currently, C4C is focusing on possibly funding Bicycle Colorado up to $41,000 to contribute to Bicycle Colorado’s effort to digitize Bicycle Friendly Driver and Auto Friendly Cyclist content.  Such content could potentially reach millions of people.  And it could be adapted widely for diversion classes (ticketed drivers*), learners (new drivers), commercial drivers, and other uses.


Summary of 2019 Use of Funds

Number of Bike Friendly Driver Classes: 45

Number of total participants: 703

310 were BVSD bus drivers

42 were HOP drivers

40 were Via mobility drivers


*”Diversion Classes” are popular with governments and law enforcement because they give a peace officer an option to enforce a consequence without being more heavy handed than need be, i.e., without handing out heavier fines and punishments.  When C4C listens to its counterparts in law enforcement, this is what is heard and, thus, C4C supports it.