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Cyclists 4 Community fully supports the existing design and full construction of the planned SH 119/Diagonal Boulder – Longmont bikeway.  Click here for information from Boulder County regarding its hearing to confirm the project’s merit.
  1. The project is consistent with the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan
  2. The project is consistent with the Boulder County Transportation Master Plan
  3. The project is a role model project that establishes a standard for subsequent multi-use hard surface paths/bikeways parallel to major commuter routes.
  4. The project is designed to above normal engineering standards in width–especially near high volume zones–, turn radii, and separated grade crossings (underpasses) in order to accommodate Boulder County’s large and skilled population of cyclists and the growth of e-bike use.
  5. Boulder County staff has done a great job designing it and applying for competitive outside grants to achieve full funding for its construction.