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Cyclists 4 Community is often reminded that living in Boulder County, one can feel like there’s a focus on the City of Boulder.  Alternatively, C4C’s work is focused on rural, unincorporated Boulder County as a whole and improving cycling safety and access across the county.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the projects that, thanks to Boulder County government, and C4C’s support for the Boulder County Transportation Master Plan, are coming down the line for the whole county.

A screen shot of Boulder County cycling related projects with at least some funding between now and 2038

  1. Work on the Highway 119 / Diagonal Boulder – Longmont project including the bikeway should start around April 2024.
  2. The US 36 North Foothills Highway bikeway study is due in final report form around March 2024.  The next step is fund design and construction, especially from the City of Boulder to Lefthand Canyon, the most used and most dangerous segment.
  3. Design is underway for the Highway 7 / Araphoe Project.  This is a big one and will take years.
    1. C4C is advocating for, among other things, a separated bikeway in this project.
  4. A 2025 Boulder – Louisville/Lafayette feasibility study for a separated bikeway is funded.
    1. This study will interact with the Arapahoe project and questions like where is the best place to put a separated bikeway in this area.
  5. Planning has started for improvements including a separated bikeway on US 287 Lafayette – Longmont project.
    1. Boulder County is, preliminarily, exploring a parallel path outside but near the 287 right-of-way that would be more appealing and similiarly utilitarian.
  6. Planning for the BERT is underway.
    1. Click through on the link to see the challenges in planning, specifically crossing 287 and low lying areas subject to flooding.
    2. C4C’s comment on the project as of October 2023.
  7. C4C has been told that there is progress on planning the St. Vrain Greenway Longmont – Lyons soft surface trail.

For a more complete understanding of funding, go here.

As of a few years ago the funding shortfall to realize Boulder County’s leading TMP was around $170 million or $2.2 billion with rail.  That’s what it would take to correct lagging, adverse safety outcomes and invest in leading livability outcomes to make a safe and great place to live.