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Cyclists 4 Community and Bicycle Colorado have partnered to fund the “digitization” of Bicycle Friendly Driver contentDonate here to support high quality online materials that will reach tens of thousands of drivers and bicyclists and make roads safer for all users.

Image card for C4C-BC matching fundraiserClick on the image to donate.  And thanks to Jean and Pete Vegas for starting off the giving with a substantial donation!

In 2019, C4C helped fund classroom based Bicycle Friendly Driver classes administered by trained Bicycle Colorado staff for about 800 mostly commercial drivers in Boulder County.

Now, C4C and Bicycle Colorado are partnering to raise nearly $250,000 in funding to professionally adapt the curriculum to an online format.  Once complete, the content will reach tens of thousands of drivers and bicyclists.

From there, the content could be broadly shared, applied, scaled, and adapted for uses like drivers education courses, commercial drivers license requirements, diversion classes for ticketed drivers (governments and law enforcement vastly prefer incentives over punishments), and more.

It’s an education based approach to increasing awareness about the laws for sharing our public roads and saving lives.