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North Foothills Bikeway

Fixing one of Colorado's most dangerous roads


Safer Cycling in Boulder County

For tens of thousands of Boulder County cyclists and residents


Safer and Better Cycling

Through Partnerships with Boulder County Communities (Photo: Tim Stone)

Since coming together after the 2013 floods, Cyclists 4 Community (C4C) has raised over $250,000 to support local charities and communities, and promote bicycle safety in Boulder County.   Our goal is to keep a strong bond between the cyclists who use the paths, trails, and roads in our towns and rural areas, and the people who live there, so that we can share continued mutual safety and respect.

Cyclists 4 Community really helped to jumpstart the efforts to get our community back on it's feet after the tragic flooding events of 2013.

Connie SullivanMayor, Lyons CO

Immediately after the 2013 Flood, Cyclists 4 Community helped the Town and our community members to ensure a successful recovery, and they continue to support our community and our beloved Jamestown Mercantile.

Tara SchoedingerMayor, Jamestown CO

Thanks to the efforts of Cyclists 4 Community we were able to get back on our favorite rides faster. I am definitely going to be lending my time in the future.

Jack GrahamBoulder Cyclist


We are a grass roots volunteer organization that can only accomplish its goals through donations.  Please support us with your donation. We are a 501 (c)(3) organization and your contribution is 100% tax deductible.

Get Involved

C4C puts on events throughout the year, which can only be achieved through the generous contribution of funds from our sponsors and time on the part of volunteers. Sign up and volunteer to support us today, or let us know if you have interest in participating on our volunteer board.


We put on a number of events throughout the year at venues around Boulder County, all with the purpose of raising awareness and funds around our initiatives.  Our flagship event happens in May.  Plan to attend our annual gala event this year: Crank It Forward.